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Publiées le 31/01/2023

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These rules of procedure are displayed at the reception of the hotel "Le Petit Nice Passedat" (hereinafter "the Hotel") and can be consulted, free of charge and at any time, on the hotel's website at the address following url:, as well as prior to the online confirmation of the customer's reservation.
The customer accepts and thus undertakes to respect said regulations, the provisions of which apply both to him and to any occupant of his doing. In the event of breach of these regulations by the client (or his companions), the Hotel reserves the right to claim damages for the damage suffered, whether material (damage to rooms and/or interior common areas and outside the Hotel, complaints and claims from other customers) or reputational online and offline (damage to the image of prestige).
Article 1: Customer reception conditions
All reservations at the Hotel are nominative and may under no circumstances be transferred to a third party, whether free of charge or for a fee. Thus, upon arrival at the Hotel, any person booking a stay must present their valid identity document and that of their companions (passport or national identity card) to reception. Failing this, the hotelier may refuse to rent him a room and/or cancel the reservation made.
The Hotel reserves the right to cancel the reservation made or not to receive or serve customers:
minors, unaccompanied by a legal representative,
intoxicated and/or whose dress is indecent and/or negligent,
having a behavior contrary to morality and public order,
displaying disrespectful, violent and/or aggressive behavior towards Hotel staff.
Article 2: Room occupancy - Arrival / Departure
The rooms are rented for the number of people indicated when booking according to the following categories:
• Deluxe Room: 1 to 2 people maximum,
• Executive room: 1 to 2 people maximum (suitable for disabled people,
• Romantic junior suite room: 1 to 3 people maximum,
• Junior suite room: 1 to 3 people maximum,
• Suite room: 1 to 4 people maximum.
To ensure the safety rules of the Hotel (in particular those related to the risk of fire), the customer must therefore not:
rent a room for a number of people greater than that provided for each type of room;
introduce into the Hotel, in particular through backdoor access (garage access, personal access, emergency doors, etc.) and into their room, one or more third parties not known to the Hotel, without prior authorization from the latter. Upon arrival, the client:
cannot demand to occupy the room before 4 p.m., except with the prior written consent of the Hotel.
receives the keys and access badges to the room(s) and to the Hotel which are personally assigned to him. At the time of departure, the customer:
must take care not to forget his objects and personal effects in the room,
must not take away any object belonging to the Hotel (e.g. bathrobes, towels, pillows, personal hygiene products, decorations, etc.) unless he/she informs the Hotel in advance or sends it back to the Hotel if he/she notices a mistake, failing which he/she will have to pay for it,
must ensure that the bedroom door is securely closed after leaving it;
must return the key to their room and their access badge to the Hotel reception, under penalty of having the sum of 200 euros deducted from the amount of the deposit. their access badge at the Hotel reception, the Hotel staff will verify that the rented room is left in a suitable state. If this is not the case, the Hotel will require a cleaning fee of 100 euros.
The Hotel staff will check at the same time that the bedding and the bed base have not been damaged. If this is the case, the Hotel will demand reimbursement of the damage with a minimum flat rate of €1,500 for repairs and for the inability to re-let the rooms concerned.
Article 3: Luggage and personal items
On arrival and before departure, the customer can entrust his luggage to the reception of the Hotel.
Any luggage left in the room without renewal of the rental after 12 p.m. will be removed from the room and placed in the luggage room. It can be picked up by its owner at the Hotel reception.
Luggage located in the common areas of the Hotel is the sole responsibility of its owner.
A safe is available to the customer in each room. It is recommended that the customer place his personal valuables there.
The Hotel declines all responsibility in the event of loss, theft or damage to personal items and luggage which have not been entrusted directly to reception.

Article 4: Keys & Access Badges
During his stay, the client must:
make sure to use your key so that the door to your room is securely closed before leaving or going to bed,
refrain from entrusting their keys & access badges to a third party unknown to the Hotel,
immediately report to the Hotel reception any loss or disappearance of their keys and/or access badges. Identity verification will be automatically requested in the event of renewal of keys and/or access badges.
Section 5: Children
Children are the full responsibility of their parents. It is forbidden to leave them unattended in the rooms. In general, the customer must pay for all voluntary or involuntary material damage caused directly to the Hotel by children during their stay.
Article 6: Letters and parcels
Hotel staff are in no way responsible for letters and parcels sent to customers staying at the Hotel. The customer must make sure to collect them directly if necessary.
Article 7: Nuisances during the stay in the Hotel
A decent attitude, full of restraint and discretion is required within the Hotel in order to respect the serenity of the place and the customers.
For the respect, tranquility, rest and sleep of other customers, each customer and / or his companions must take care not to slam the doors, nor to make noise especially between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.
In general, it is strictly prohibited:
to behave in any way that could cause any type of harm to Hotel guests, Hotel staff and/or the reputation of the Hotel.- to enter the rooms and all common areas of the 'Hotel :
illicit and/or dangerous objects or substances,
any type of object or toy that looks like a firearm,
any type of object or toy that could harm the tranquility of other customers (example: megaphones, horns, portable amplifiers, musical instruments, etc.); running, rolling (skates, scooters, etc.) or shouting in the Hotel, day and night, -25 decibels at night (between 7 p.m. and 8 a.m.) and 30 decibels during the day, 
to hang laundry in the windows of the Hotel, to throw any object or waste through the windows of the Hotel. The Hotel may, if it deems it appropriate, remove any alcoholic beverage from the /or to stop serving a customer with alcohol, in particular in the event of proven intoxication or advanced intoxication of the customer in the public space of the Hotel or nuisances.
A hotel room is a place of rest, any trade is strictly prohibited there, by its occupant or his companions.
Sexual relations are strictly prohibited in the common areas and the Wellness area of the Hotel. In the event of a breach of these regulations, the Hotel reserves the right to charge customers for any overflow and possible damage to the rooms and/or common areas (interior and exterior) of the Hotel.

Section 8: Security
8.1 Tobacco and electronic cigarettes
For security reasons and for the respect of everyone, it is formally and strictly forbidden to smoke tobacco (in any form) in the rooms and common areas of the Hotel. In accordance with Decree No. 2006-1386 of November 15, 2006 setting the conditions for the application of the ban on smoking in places assigned for collective use, smoking tobacco in the Hotel exposes the customer to a fine provided for fines third class or legal action.  In addition to the risk of fines, the hotel will charge €300 to the guest's card for non-compliance with French law. The Hotel reserves the right to involve the police in the event of non-compliance with any prohibition.
The vaping of electronic cigarettes is prohibited in the interior common areas, subject to authorization by the Hotel.
8.2 Fire alarm
Any untimely triggering of the fire alarm for non-compliance with this provision will be charged €150 for the costs of restoring the fire safety system to service.
8.3 Food and laundry
In the rooms, it is forbidden for security reasons:
to store food for cooking,
to use gas or electric appliances intended to cook or heat food or drinks (example: stoves, electric plates, etc.),
take meals or bring drinks not provided by the Hotel (except still or sparkling water),
to do their laundry. The equipment made available to the customer in the room must be used in accordance with their use.

8.4 CCTV
For security reasons, the common areas of the Hotel are under the control of video surveillance device with recording. Only the cases provided for by law authorize the provision of images.
Article 9: Hacking
Swindling is the fact, by a person who knows that he is absolutely unable to pay or who is determined not to pay:
to order and be served drinks or food in a hotel-restaurant, and/or
to be allocated and to actually occupy one or more rooms in a hotel establishment, when the occupation has not exceeded ten days. -5 of the Penal Code) in addition to the payment of damages claimed by the hotelier. The Hotel will denounce any act of fraud of which it could be the victim.
Section 10: Parking
The Hotel has private outdoor parking available to customers. For security reasons, this car park is monitored by a video surveillance device. People with reduced mobility have priority for the use of this car park. The Hotel declines all responsibility in the event of theft or damage to the customer's vehicle parked within the car park if they are caused by the customer's imprudence or negligence. Apart from any imprudence or negligence on the part of the customer, compensation for the theft or damage to the customer's vehicle parked within the car park will be capped at 100 times the rental price per day.

Article 11: WIFI internet access
The Hotel offers customers Wi-Fi access with a "standard" connection speed (connection speed of 8 to 10 Mb/s) allowing them to connect to the Internet for free in the common areas and/or rooms. . The customer undertakes that the computer resources made available to him will not be used in any way for the purposes of reproduction, representation, making available or communication to the public of works or objects protected by a copyright. copyright, by a neighboring right such as texts, photographic images, audiovisual musical works, software and video games, without the authorization of the holders of the rights provided for in Books I and II of the Intellectual Property Code when this authorization is required . The customer is required to comply with the Hotel's security policy, including the rules for using the means of security implemented in order to prevent the illicit use of computer resources and to refrain from any act that undermines the effectiveness of these means. The customer will guarantee the Hotel, at its own expense, against any action and/or claim from a third party invoking the violation of an intellectual property right, and will bear all the associated costs and damages.
In any case, the responsibility of the Hotel cannot be engaged by the customer if the malfunctions of the Wifi services within the common areas or the rooms are caused by a case of Force Majeure or by unexpected interventions of the supplier of internet access on the internet network. Wi-Fi use is free for guests.
Article 12: Swimming pool
The swimming pool is open daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. It is only accessible to customers of the Hotel or to third parties duly authorized by the Hotel.
For security reasons, the swimming pool is fenced but is not supervised by a lifeguard or an employee of the Hotel. Children under the age of 15 can therefore only enjoy it under the supervision of their parents.
Customers agree to adopt responsible behavior in and around the swimming pool (no excessive alcohol consumption by the pool, exposure to hours of high heat, supervision of children, etc.).
For reasons of hygiene, it is subject to regular inspection and cleaning, in accordance with regulations. Wearing a swimsuit is compulsory. The Hotel declines all responsibility in the event of damage caused to the customer by its own doing in and around the swimming pool.
Article 13: “Wellness” area
The Wellness Area is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. It gives access to a hammam, a Japanese bath and a gym. It is only accessible to hotel guests upon prior reservation at reception.
For safety reasons :
- the use of the hammam and the Japanese bath is strongly discouraged for clients who suffer from respiratory, circulatory, cardiac, allergic or asthma problems,
- children under 15 cannot access this area.
For reasons of hygiene, it is subject to regular inspection and cleaning, in accordance with regulations.

Article 14: Penalties
Any behavior contrary to the principles of safety and/or hygiene, good morals and/or public order may lead the Hotel to immediately expel the client and all persons sharing his stay, without him being able to claim a refund. reimbursement of all or part of his stay.
He may also refuse any future reservations in all his establishments belonging to the same company.
Article R212-1 of the Consumer Code prohibits clauses which do not appear in the writing that the customer accepts or which are included in another document which is not expressly referred to when the contract is concluded and of which he was not aware before his conclusion
Article L311-10 Tourism Code and articles 1952 to 1954ccivil as well as the constant case law of the Court of Cassation consider that the hotelier cannot be totally exonerated in the event of theft of objects not placed in the safe. On the other hand, the responsibility of the customer may however be engaged if a fault on the part of the customer is demonstrated: door not closed properly or valuables not deliberately placed in the safe.

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